After an Accident

Three Things to do Immediately after Auto Accidents

1. If you’re in an accident, make four calls immediately

  1. The police to exchange information of other drivers and witnesses or for an ambulance. If the police do not come, exchange information with the other drivers and witnesses.
  2. Your insurance company to notify them of the accident and to appraise the damage.
  3. Your physician or chiropractor to diagnose your injuries and offer a treatment plan.
  4. Your attorney to protect your interests and adjust the claim.

2.Injuries from auto accidents should be treated immediately

  1. Emergency Room or Urgent Care
  2. Primary Care Physician
  3. Chiropractor (A chiropractor does not require a referral from a physician)

3. If your car is damaged, get it repaired

  1. If your car is drivable, drive it home. Next, find a body shop to repair your car or call your attorney to help locate a body shop.
  2. If your car is not drivable, remove your valuables and personal items from the car before it is towed. In auto accidents two things happen with a damaged car: First, the car is declared a total loss. Second, if the car is repairable, find a body shop that will repair it so you will not incur storage fees. If you have any questions or need help, call your attorney.
  3. If your car requires repairs and you need to rent a car, check your auto insurance policy for car rental coverage. If you have it, access that coverage. If not, call your attorney to arrange a rental car.