Success Stories

Serious and permanent personal injuries have ruined many lives and left people unable to work with no possible way to make a living. Don’t let this happen to you. You have rights and we can fight for you and get you the restitution you deserve. See how we have helped other people below and contact us.

John was walking up the staircase at his brand new apartment complex. He held onto the hand-rail but it came out of the wall causing him to fall backwards down the stairway. John seriously injured his back resulting in an expensive surgery. He was out of work as an engineer for one year. We successfully prosecuted his case. If you are suffering from injuries while on another’s property we can help you get the justice you deserve.

Karen, an elderly woman, was crossing the street late at night wearing dark clothes and not within the crosswalk. She was struck by a college student driving a compact car. Karen was hospitalized for ten days with a fractured pelvis. We successfully prosecuted her case. If you are suffering from serious and permanent personal injuries now is the time to contact us before your time to get restitution is up.

David used to deliver Coca-Cola products to convenience stores and gas stations. One day, David loaded cases of soda onto a hand cart like he usually did. On this day, however, the handle came off of the cart causing seven cases of soda to land on David’s shoulder,tructive shoulder surgery and was vocationally trained for another job. We successfully prosecuted his case. Shoulder injuries, neck injuries knocking him to the ground. David had recons, neck injuries, and head injuries are painful and debilitating. We will fight for you and get justice for you if you contact us today.

These are a few success stories of the people we helped over the years. We welcome the opportunity to help you too. Please call us for more information.