Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents, much like bicycle accidents, happen frequently because automobiles sharing the road are not as aware of bicycles and motorcycles. These types of accidents occur even more frequently in beautiful places like San Diego, where people are more prone to be outside enjoying the weather.

Motorcycles and bicycles get into the blind spots of other motorists and surprise them causing bad accidents. If you’re a victim of any serious and permanent personal injuries, call Steven Weitzen’s office today.

Steven also represents uninsured motorist claims and will ensure you get the money you deserve. If you’ve been in an accident and the other driver didn’t have insurance, you deserve the help of your insurance company. Steven will get to know your case better during his FREE consultation, so he can help win your case.

If you want professional advice about how to deal with your uninsured motorist claim, or if you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle or bicycle accident, don’t wait another minute to get the information you need.

Due to the lack of protection a motorcycle or bicycle provides to individuals, serious and permanent personal injuries are a common result of these accidents.  When these injuries change your life, you deserve compensation.

Steven Weitzen successfully represents individuals involved in motorcycle and bicycle accidents.  For this and many other reasons, he is one of the most trusted personal injury attorneys in San Diego. Call Steven today to get your questions about uninsured motorist claims or related issues answered: 619.338.0055