Construction Injury

Conditions on the premise make construction injury a common occurrence. The conditions frequently change, making everyday a new challenge. A construction site is not the typical work environment where you can count on everything to be the same day after day.

Unmarked caution zones and manmade holes frequently cause injuries to people on site. If you’ve been injured from involvement in your trade, such as construction injury accidents, make sure you have the best attorney on your side to represent you; call Steven Weitzen today for a FREE consultation.

Negligence is the primary factor that many of these instances take place, such as not putting a “caution” sign in the necessary areas. It is not your responsibility to determine what areas of the zone are safe or not; it’s the duty of the landowner to take all precautionary steps. Work injuries are common in construction, but that is not to say they should be accepted or overlooked.

A wrongful death is the last thing you should have to worry about when you work hard every day. Construction zones are inherently filled with many different kinds of risks and the property owner should be doing everything possible to make it a safe working environment for you.

If it’s a slip and fall from an unmarked manhole, or any other type of work related injury, Steven Weitzen will make sure you get represented fairly.